Etiqueta: 2017

(2017) Heavy Metal Kings – Black God White Devil

1 Séance Gone Wrong 2 If He Dies, He Dies 3 Egyptian Moses 4 Bad Hombres 5 Golan & Globus 6 Mercyful Fate 7 Black Mass Lucifer 8 Petrus Steele 9 Killing Technology 10 The Military Mind Of Chaka Zulu 11 There´s No Wi-Fi In Valhalla 12 Gemini Lounge 13 F@ck Outta Here!PkwXRKhZ!JfdxmQZJesxmQdN6kbM_yqwMFP9S9m1CtOhwcUzMdbY

(2017)Nine double m – Death of a demo

A1 Funkmaster Flex N Nine Double M A2 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang A3 Me Myself N My Microphone A4 Creepin Up B1 Turn Off The Lights (Nigga Please) B2 Lyrics B3 Blood On My Blade B4 The Macadamia Nuts B5 When The Shit Hits The Fan!j4hhQAgR!qWdTFCyv2fHfOGl6Gn3axozfYsm_cG7jAl82yyn1-Zk