(2004) Sunz of Man – Nothing new under the sun

01. “As It Was Written” [prod. by The RZA]
02. “No Love Without Hate” [prod. by Supreme Kourt]
03. “Soldiers Of Darkness” (Ft. Killarmy) [prod. by 4th Disciple & The RZA]
04. “Love Of Money”
05. “Can I See You?” [prod. by The RZA]
06. “Life”
07. “Bloody Choices” [prod. by 4th Disciple]
08. “Let’s All Agree” [prod. by 4th Disciple]
09. “Wicked Wayz” (Ft. 7th Ambassador) [prod. by 4th Disciple]
10. “Black Sleeping Beauty” [prod. by 4th Disciple]
11. “Tha Law” [prod. by Supreme Kourt]
12. “Embarassed” [prod. by Allah Mathematics]
13. “Inmates To the Fire” (Ft. Dreddy kruger) [prod. by The RZA]
14. “Mics Of Insanity” [prod. by Y-Kim The Ill Figure]
15. “Move Away” [prod. by Surpeme Kourt]
16. “Signs Of The Times (Got Me Drifting)” [prod. by 4th Disciple]
17. “Flame Throwerz” (Ft. Timbo King & Killa Sin)
18. “Five Arch Angels” (Ft. Shabazz The Disciple) [prod. by 4th Disciple]

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