(1999) Spice 1 – Inmortalized

  1. “Intro Skit”
  2. “What the Fuck?” (feat. Noreaga)
  3. “Thug Poetry” (feat. Saafir)
  4. “Suckas Do What They Can (Real Playaz)” (feat. Roger Troutman, Too Short and Yukmouth)
  5. “U Can’t Fade Me Skit”
  6. “U Can’t Fade Me”
  7. “Club Skit”
  8. “Can I Hit It?”
  9. “High Powered”
  10. “Killerfornia”
  11. “News Flash Skit”
  12. “Gone with the Wind”
  13. “Too Deep in the Game” (feat. Spook Thee Man)
  14. “Make Sure They Bleed”
  15. “Ride Fo’ Mine” (feat. Half A Mill and Ike Dirty)
  16. “Street Skit”
  17. “Immortalized”
  18. “Fuck the World” (feat. Den Fen of 187 Fac and Young Kyoz)
  19. “Droopy Skit”
  20. “187 Proof (2 Thougin’)”
  21. “Ride wit’ Me”


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